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Save Greek Seas: fighting the oil companies’ plans to devastate the Mediterranean

If governments and corporations get their way, the bright blue seas of western Greece will be turned into oil fields. From Corfu in the north to Crete in the south, the Greek government has sold off contracts to drill for oil and gas in giant zones covering almost the entire Ionian Sea, as well as neighbouring areas on land.

These have been snapped up by oil multinationals Total, ExxonMobil and Repsol, and also by smaller players including a hungry new Greek-Israeli-British company called Energean. But it’s not a done deal yet. Greece has strong traditions of resistance to capitalist devastation – and now, across the threatened areas, people are coming together to fight the oil plans.

In solidarity with this resistance in Greece, we’ve written an in-depth report on Energean: read it here. This article gives a quick introduction to what’s happening.

For more information (in English and Greek) see the Save Greek Seas website.

View online : https://corporatewatch.org/save-the-greek-seas-fighting-the-oil-giants-plans-to-devastate-the-mediterranean/