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The promises of the New Silk Road in Italy

The promise of Chinese investments in the expansion of ports in Italy has been used by the Italian government to table legislation for the establishment of investors’ friendly “special economic zones” nearby ports, especially in the South of Italy. But who is really benefiting from the reorganization of the production and logistics system around infrastructure mega-corridors?
By Re:Common

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the related economic crisis, it is becoming even more evident that the shipping sector has become a powerful player, where a few companies are operating in a quasi-oligopoly thanks to acquisitions and commercial alliances, including with Chinese corporations. Among them stands the Swiss-Italian corporation MSC, famous for its touristic cruise business but actually a key global player for shipping, port services and logistics.

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By Elena Gerebizza, Filippo Taglieri

Published by the European Network of Corporate Observatories (ENCO), on behalf of Re:Common.

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