About ENCO

ENCO (European Network of Corporate Observatories) is a network of European civic and media organisations dedicated to investigating corporations and corporate power.

It is an open space for sharing information and expertise, pooling some resources, sharing and developing capacity and tools, developing collaborative, transnational research projects, and help circulating and publicising our research. The network meets twice a year in a different European city.

You can see a list of the organisations currently active within ENCO here.

ENCO aims to provide European citizens, civil society organisations, media and public authorities with information and tools on the impacts and strategies of corporations, in order to strengthen the public debate on these issues, and serve advocacy activities and civil society and movements mobilisation, through the publication and dissemination of media articles and critical research reports.

ENCO organisations work in close relationship to partners in the media, academia, and social movements, at national and international level, both in Europe and in other regions.

The first landmark report of the ENCO network was "The EU and the Corporate Impunity Nexus", published in October, 2018. See all our investigations here.

For some of its activities, the ENCO network receives funding from the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation and from the Open Society Initiative for Europe.

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